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  1. first i have to say the online review that is sent to you for customer review does not work if you do not give them a good review so that is why I am posting here. this is what I tried to send them as my review. Order # 1232864 review. First I would like to address the condition of the part that I had received. I received a striped down part there were parts missing and loose screws in the bag. Once I contacted customer service I sent photos of the part. I was told that yes it was not correct. and was assured that a replacement part was going to be shipped out over night. given that It was on a Friday I expected to receive the new part by the following Tuesday. I waited until Thursday and still did not receive the new part contacted customer service again Was again assured that it would be shipped over night and would be delivered by end of day Friday. contacted Customer service again on Friday And spoke to Gentleman named Bill. only then was I informed that you don't have any in stock. Wow over Two weeks into this and you don't have a complete new part. This has been the worst service that I have had to deal with I purchase a lot of item's on line and you have failed miserably in so many ways. 1) selling stripped down replacement parts as new. 2) Not following through on multiple promised delivery time. 3) and covering up each failure with another failure to the point I had to cancel the order. I know that this will fall on deaf ears and not hurt your business but I can tell you, you lost two customers. I have since given my machine to my friend to part out for anything that he can use for his to prolong the service of his machine. Because he does not want to have the same problems that I have had. And now I am in the the process of looking for another manufacture. and when the time comes he will to. Very disappointed. Just a suggestion be honest with your customers if you don't have it in stock tell them don't try and send stripped down used parts as new. and if you make an error Own it right away. don't string a customer along for two weeks. If nothing else management needs to look at the process that are in place to prevent further issues. good luck Karl Howells