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  1. Hi, Finally I have found information and part number which need in for installation in pen station with the plotter otherwise I can't attached my pan station with the plotter right side plate. Required Part name : Pen holder spacer. Required part number is : 621163200 I called Graphtec USA service and part for ordering the parts but they said we can't sell this part and same answer from the local Canadian Graphtec dealers have it. Now I looking help form the forum peoples possibly someone know where I can find pen holder spacer . I will really appropriate for help.
  2. Here is link for Pen holder and pan station details
  3. Hi. Looking help for insulation 2nd pen (optional) parts installation: I am having issue in installation 2nd pen station assy -Part # 792219703 with my Graphtec FC8600-130 plotter. I have bought part from Graphtec USA directly along with Pen holder assy-792219702 . Graphtec USA tech people suggested use #3 screw for attaching both parts with the plotter head and other side. I have attached Pen holder assy-792219702 with #3 screw without any issue but didn’t figure out how to attach pen station assy -Part # 792219703 with the plotter wall because number 3 screw are smaller there and # 4 screw is big. I called and email Graphtec USA for help but no one have answer or solution for my issue. I have tried to find Canadian local Graphtec tech people but didn’t find anyone who will help me for installation. I am wondering if someone here to help me about it. I will really helpful any suggestion.