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    HTV with mug press?

    Good to know! Thanks! I really want to figure out the HTV so I didn't run into any wear issues like you're describing. If I do end up going the 651 route, I'll be sure to specify hand-wash only. Selling mugs with some vinyl just slapped on them seems so basic. I'd love to offer a durable product. If that means I have to save up for sublimation printer, so be it!
  2. ckarimkhani

    HTV with mug press?

    So for the sake of science, I pressed HTV into the mug at 350 for 120 seconds. It definitely stuck! It looked "pretty" except for (what I am guessing is) the clear adhesive layer on the back of the vinyl oozed out and left an outline around the letters. Just to test (more science, yay!) I put Oracal 651 on the other side and ran it through the dishwasher. Both stuck perfectly and even survived a hot wash/heat dry cycle. I intend on messing around with the heat/time cycles a bit more and will probably run through a few more mugs before I either figure it out or just give up and use Oracal 651.
  3. ckarimkhani

    HTV with mug press?

    Looks like I’ll be saving up for a sublimation printer! Thanks.
  4. ckarimkhani

    HTV with mug press?

    Hello all! New to the forum board (I never knew this existed!) but not new to the vinyl craft. I am, however, new to mug presses! Is there an HTV that works best (or at all?) with a mug press? I've played around with the settings and typically stick with Siser Easy Weed when it comes to garments but am finding the vinyl can be picked off with just my nail. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I have nearly exhausted all of youtube and google trying to find the answer. Talk about falling down a rabbit hole... Thanks!