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    FOREVER mutli trans paper

    I appreciate the help. ill let you know what i find out
  2. scharamut

    FOREVER mutli trans paper

    those are different then the one i recieved too. so do i go with the ceramic mug times (284 degrees for 3 mins) or the ALUMINIUM (250 for 60 seconds) because the tumblers are stailess steel not aluminum
  3. scharamut

    FOREVER mutli trans paper

    I have them, just doesnt seem to apply to 30 Oz tumblers. 3 minutes at 390 in an oven seems to bind the paper to the tumblers. had to spend 20 minute+ to try and remove paper and ends up damaging artwork because does not release easily.
  4. scharamut

    FOREVER mutli trans paper

    I am fairly new to this and I am trying to use the forever paper to add artwork to some 30 oz tumblers. I am not able to find any info on how to do this. I am curious as to what temp should be, how much pressure i should apply with silicone wrap, and how long? I have tried several temps i have been kinda guessing at...I have had good results but very difficult removing paper. any suggestions would be appreciated