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    This helps me out too, ty! I have a SC2 as well. I haven't found the right pressure, but I did find out that the speed slower works much better. Do you adjust the blade depth to the thickness of the glitter? Also, would you place the glitter vinyl upside down and mirror cut? I'm a newbie so any advice would help. Thank you!
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    SC2 Cut examples with photos

    I have a SC2 as well. I'm new to the cutting world. What do you set your HTV glidder & HTVs vinyls for the pressure and speed? Should I keep my blade settings for regular sign vinyl? I couldn't ask for better cuttings on my signs vinyls, but I'm having a lot of trouble on HTVS. Also, when cutting do I flip much HTV vinyal and mirror my cutting? Thanks for anyone's help here. I'm trying to finish Christmas gifts.