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  1. The Flaming Eyeball

    Which is the better choice on software?

    Not really. I went there and only have the few fonts from Cut.
  2. The Flaming Eyeball

    Which is the better choice on software?

    I upgraded my VM from Cut to LTR....problem is now I can't find all the 5200 fonts it says it comes with. Any ideas? I did download and install the 'extra' pack as well, but still no joy. I know I don't necessarily want to install all 5200 fonts on my computer for speed issues, but where do I find the others now that I paid for them?
  3. The Flaming Eyeball

    Layering and shipping large vinyl graphics

    I'm looking at making some layered graphics with several colors. One color would be the big base for all others. None of them will overlap except to the base, so only 2 layers even with the multiple colors, see attached to make sense of what I'm talking about. These will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 inches long by about 13.5 or so. Question concerns shipping. I have to roll them up to send them. Do I roll vinyl in or out for best results? I'm thinking outside as that is how the vinyl comes in the first place. My concern is for the vinyl separating during shipping if left in a warm mail van too long....using Oracal 651, and now using paper transfer tape. ;-)
  4. The Flaming Eyeball

    Need Help with Oracal 651 and RTape

    Thanks Skeeter. I figured you'd have an answer. So much for following the manufacturer's guidelines. I'll make the suggested changes and see what happens. I do think I may have the blade depth too deep, as you say I can clearly see where the decal was cut after it has been removed from the paper. [Sometime later] OK, checked blade out of cutter. That thing is BARELY out of the end of the holder. But I could still see the cut on the backing paper. So I adjusted it some more. I didn't think it would cut. Sure enough it cut the vinyl and barely made a mark on the backing paper. Still have to test out a machine cut, but wow. I suspect I will have to make more adjustments now with offset and such. I do try and cut at lower speeds to keep things clean (and I don't really have a lot of volume to demand speed). Now to order some of that new transfer paper....
  5. The Flaming Eyeball

    Need Help with Oracal 651 and RTape

    So what IS the best transfer tape for 651? I used the MT80P and it just doesn't seem to lift detailed vinyl off the backing paper. My customer destroyed his vinyl trying to apply using this transfer tape. The HT55 I have does not seem tacking enough either. I'm producing a logo cut out (customer provided) that is fairly detailed and is kind of a pain to weed I might add. Maybe it's too detailed for vinyl cut out application? I tried to get him to change the font, but that was a no go. Some of the tiny little pieces just don't want to lift off the backing paper. Should I even continue trying this?
  6. The Flaming Eyeball

    Layering vinyl questions

    As it turns out he loved them anyway. But it bothered me. What transfer tape is best? I'm using the MT80P clear type. I have some Oratape HT55, but it is not nearly as sticky, and it makes it difficult for the vinyl to come off the backing.
  7. The Flaming Eyeball

    Vinyl Spooler

    So I had my stuff saved on an external drive, which unfortunately died. Since my business is more on the hobby side I wasn't TOO worried about it until someone asked me for repeats....I'm glad I thought of the spooler, because it saved me a TON of work. Now if I could just get the files BACK.....oh well.
  8. The Flaming Eyeball

    Layering vinyl questions

    So it would appear I have the same issue as a lot of others. I was about to deep discount some 'stickers' of layered vinyl. I tried my best to get all the bubbles out from the top layer with no avail. These will be going on a vehicle, which will spend some time outside. Will the heat of the sun get rid of these tiny little annoying things? These are not a local to me install, mailed and customer installed. Both are Oracal 651.
  9. The Flaming Eyeball

    Best place to buy reflective vinyl and....

    I'm just a small hobby guy who sells a bit now and then. Looking at USCutters, the smallest roll of reflective is $125, for what will fit my cutter, 24 SC2. Anywhere to buy supplies smaller than 10 yards? What settings would I use to cut said vinyl when I actually get some?
  10. The Flaming Eyeball

    HTV Bubbling and Wrinkling on 50/50 blend

    I had the same thing happen with Siser Stretch. I used a heat press (the cheap one from USCutter, but a heat press none the less) measured temp with infrared heat gun. Design was 2 X 3 inches. Was it maybe too detailed? I repressed with hand iron and seemed to re-adhere. Shirts were Gildan 50/50. I've made the same or similar design using Siser Easyweed with no lifting issues. Is it something with Stretch?
  11. The Flaming Eyeball

    Will Oracal 631 vinyl stick to wall painted with flat paint?

    So now who sells it? USCutters apparently does not.
  12. The Flaming Eyeball

    Will Oracal 631 vinyl stick to wall painted with flat paint?

    Sorry to drag an old thread out of mothballs, but I just did this yesterday with 631 on a flat paint wall. Took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to get the HT55 tape off and get the vinyl to somewhat stick to the wall. I didn't realize the walls were flat paint before I did the job. It was for a friend so I helped install. What a major PAIN. Of course I don't want to sell them anything except flat vinyl for interior walls, but they didn't want balk or white that comes in 651 flat. Looks funny to have gloss letters on a flat or eggshell painted wall. Update: paint is Benjamin Moore regal Select, flat. Are there any updated recommendations for 2019?
  13. The Flaming Eyeball

    How do YOU charge for vinyl Graphics

    Thanks, just watched the video on that.
  14. The Flaming Eyeball

    How do YOU charge for vinyl Graphics

    Will 651 not stick? Or just not hold up or last as long?
  15. The Flaming Eyeball

    How do YOU charge for vinyl Graphics

    So using that formula, 50+24 (1200 square inches)/2=$37. When I priced it by the square inch it came to almost $70 based on cost of raw materials. Interestingly my wife said even that seems low for business decals that will be prominently displayed on the side of 5 trucks. (50 inches X 24 inches=1200 sq inches X .10= $120) which to me would be way too much. See I've now figured this so many different ways, I can't even tell what's right... I've always had trouble pricing my stuff. 20 years ago when I was in the airbrush t-shirt business, I was always the cheapest guy in town, and yes, I had to fight that forever, because people knew what I charged previously....