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  1. Hi apologies for the delay in getting back to you all on this. I can confirm that easycut studio is an authentic piece of software I’ve had it confirmed by craft edge. craft edge looked at my setup and supplied me with a replacement piece of software (sure cuts a lot) and with a little bit of tinkering on the plotter speed and pressure side of things I’ve managed to cut my job one up in full. thank everyone for the help and info.
  2. Yeah sorry probably should have mentioned I’m Uk based. I have the latest drivers for it from what I can tell. My issue I think is within the settings in easycut studio. Which by the way seems to be authentic craft edge software. I’ll know more on that next week.
  3. Hi I’ve double checked the drivers and baud settings. The drivers are the right ones for the machine downloaded off us cutters website. The only baud setting that will cut anything is 38400
  4. Had a look at the link you suggested. Youre spot on in terms of the software. I have messaged craftedge and will post my findings as Soon as I can.
  5. Ok I’ll definitely look into that. I bought the software from the easy cut studio website though.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking there’s something really simple /obvious I’m missing in the settings. I did try baud setting 9600 and it just said working laser on the plotters mini screen. Do you think that could be a setting issue too?
  7. Hi I’m a Mac user looking for some help with my creation pcut cto630. i bought it second hand and it came with signcut pro 1, I had set up one day and it worked fine until the license ran out on signcut. Thinking I’d go for the cheaper option I bought easycut studio instead of renewing the signcut license. The issue I have now is everything is talking fine but the pcut will only cut 2/3 of a job then stop. The plotter mini screen says creation working. Does anyone know what’s going wrong? It’s cut simple shapes like a circle in a square ok. But ask it to cut something like three lines of text (my name and my family’ members names) I have the above mentioned issue. Im using the plotter via usb cable. Baud setting is 38400 I’ve tried other baud settings and the mini screen on the plotter just says working laser. My OS X is 10.10.1 I think. I’ve used both easycut studio and illustrator to create designs both with the same outcome. any help anyone can offer would be great thanks in advance.