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  1. Hi, my name is David and I'm from Germany. I recently bought a Secabo T60II Cutter, which seems to be absolutely equal to the Titan 3 SE ARMS Cutter, they are just differently branded for the European and US Markets. I just had the same problem as described in this topic. I also did a lot of tests with knife force and the pressure of the pinch roles, without improvement. I also own a Roland CAMM-1 PNC-1000, which is at least 20 years old, where I never faced this issue. So today I've done a test cut with my Roland CAMM-1 to compare if I can see any difference in the way both cutters do. And what I noticed is, that my CAMM-1 always finished a cut in the X-dimension. The T60II, and I guess the Titan 3 SE ARMS too, always finishes a cut in the Y-dimension. That's not a problem of the cutters themselves. That's a software problem. For the CAMM-1 I'm using a different Software (Inkspace + Inkcut extension). So I've done a test with my Secabo T60II and the Inkcut software and everything is fine, because the cuts are finished in the X-dimension. And I think it's normal, that the Y-dimension is more precise than the X-Dimension. (Because of the better accuracy in the Y-dimension, the cuts line up fine when they come together over the X-dimension) I hope you can follow me. I will provide this feedback to Secabo and I hope that they will update their Software asap.