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    MH-721 Disassembly Instructions?

    I have an MH-721 and we have an area cut out that keeps getting caught on all the decorative grooves and the area around the roller bar. I've been able to place tape over most of it to fix it from catching all the time, but where the tape stops around the roller bar it eventually lifts up and catches the paper destroying everything. Where can I find disassembly instructions for my cutter so I can wrap my tape inside next to roller where it will no longer be able to get caught?

    Cutting laminated paper (1.5 MIL)

    Hello all, We need your advice. We have been using the MH721 to cut long laminated sheets of paper. The laminate isn't thick, only 1.5 MIL. Anyway, the ridges on the MH721 snag our paper and ruin it. Is there a different machine that doesn't have ridges along the horizontal front and back of the machine? Something more smooth? Or a different type of machine that we're unaware of ? (Not a vinyl cutter?) Any ideas appreciated!! Thank you!