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  1. Still having issues but it's getting easier to navigate. I think I'm going to have to fire up one of our older computers to get this to work properly. I have a few older point of sale computers that work ok enough to get the programs on them I think. I can't get SB or SCAL4 to recognize the cutter. They both work for the Vinyl Express though.
  2. To refresh, my settings for the port and cutter are: Baud Rate: 9600 Data Bits: 8 Parity: None Stop Bits: 1 Flow Control: Hardware
  3. Since this is a CE2000-60, I'm assuming it's pretty old. No idea since we bought it second hand a couple years ago. It has the 25 pin serial and parallel ports but no usb...luckily I'm a packrat when it comes to cables. If only this one had a USB, I think things would be easier to set
  4. I appreciate the help. It's a little frustrating. I just downloaded Signblazer not too long ago since people were saying it worked for the older machines. I may also try one of our older computers if I have to as well. I have a couple of older POS computers still running XP. That still have Serial ports.
  5. shows up on COM4: so I've adjusted the COM4: settings in Signblazer and computer to what is shown on the cutter. Signblazer is actually showing 2 COM4: ports, one shows the adapter and the other is just COM4:. I have tried both. The computer is Windows 10 but I've set the programs to run in Windows 7 Compatability.
  6. I installed the driver directly from Tripp-lite and rebooted the computer. I am about to dump everything off of the computer and start over. I wonder if my other vinyl cutter is messing with stuff. It's not connected but I'm wondering if the settings are conflicting with each other. Even if I need to buy a different cutting program, is there anything out there that would be able to talk to both of my cutters?
  7. it is a Tripp-lite product.
  8. this is what we have connected to the vinyl cutter
  9. It was originally set up in HP-GL. After reading some of the other posts regarding Graphtec, I was able to get into the settings and change the COMMAND. I'll try to revert it back when I get back to my shop in the morning. Is there a better option than SignBlazer? I wish that SCAL4 actually worked for it as well so I could just use one program for both of our vinyl machines.
  10. The cable is direct to the vinyl cutter (USB on computer, Serial at vinyl cutter). We had a regular serial cable we were going to attach to the adapter but it was cut so I trashed it. I have the Tripp Lite U209-005-DB25
  11. Our computer has died and I have attempted to get everything transferred over onto a new 2-in-1 laptop. The main issue as most have is that it doesn't have a serial port. We've gotten the Tripp-lite usb to serial adapter and have downloaded all of the drivers but I just can't get the damned thing to work. We've gone back to SB and I have tried every conceivable way of setting the stupid thing up but I'm at a loss. The program is running in Win 7 compatibility mode (on Win 10) and I've made sure the ports are set up on the computer and in SB. I rechecked the CE2000-60 and it's set up the same as the port and is in GP-GL as well. We are using a VE R series ii as well with SCAL 4. It works on the new computer but just doesn't have the same kind of output that the Graphtec does. Any help is appreciated. TIA, Josh