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  1. Hi sorry if this has been asked before but I have just got a graphtec ce6000-40 and have been playing around with it trying to make an Xbox one skin for my kids, but no matter what i do I cannot get the registration marks to register. I have tried with about 7 different printouts but none will register. First I thought I wasn’t leaving enough of a blank area on the outside so I made the marks sit closer to my cut lines to leave more white area on the outside. Then I thought it could be that I have laminated over the registration marks on the vinyl so I just laminated inside the registration marks but still no luck. can laminating over the reg marks affect them? I’m using Corel draw and cutting master 3 to create registration marks. The cutter seems to look for the registration mark at the very edge of the vinyl media sheet where I have put the cross please see pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m very new to using this software/cutter. Please can someone tell me if I have left enough room on the outside for the registration marks. I have left 18mm from either side of the material and 60mm on the ends. One last question can the registration marks go really close to the printed area or is it best to have a lot of room all around the reg marks. any help would be appreciated thanks in advance