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  1. Dana2121

    Printing on sublimation film

    No, the image is direct printed onto the film. Sublimation Film is fairly new and used mostly for 3-D vacuum machines. It sounds like something you are not familiar with, but you can read up on and purchase it through coastal business.
  2. Dana2121

    Printing on sublimation film

    Hi All! I am new to the sublimation world and I have run into an issue that no one can seem to figure out. My set up is as follows: Epson 7210, Cobra sublimation ink (their new CS4 formula), 3d vacuum heat press, sublimation FILM. The issue I am having is that the printer prints wonderfully on every media EXCEPT my sublimation film. When printed on the film I loose all detail in the print as the ink seems to spread and causes the images to be blurry. I have attached an image for reference. I know I am printing on the correct side of the film, and have tried to print using a glossy photo paper setting as well as a plain paper setting, and I keep getting the same result. The film manufacturer included settings for using sawgrass inks but nothing else & cobra hasn't been able to say if their inks will work or not on film. Has anyone run into this before, and if so, was it a film issue, a printer settings issue or an ink issue? HELP!