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    HP designjet L25000 Encoder Strip

    Hey everyone I need some help its been a long and stressful day of putting a new carriage belt in the L25000 I'm back to assembling and I'm stuck! How do I reinstall the encoder strip? Can not to seem to figure out how the bracket snaps in. Spent too much time trying to figure it out on my own and I can not seem to find any info on the internet can someone please help me??? Thank you
  2. The problem I am having is that when I contour cut it is off by a good distance. I am using Flexi 10. When I use the 4 point or "bomb site" marks i tried manual and digital. The digital actually got closer than the manual did. It was pretty close when I used digital but not correct. It seems like if the blade were exactly where the laser pointer is it would have been perfect. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? It has been a problem forever just have some extra time to figure it out. Not sure what more details to include but if someone has more questions to help with a solution i will definitely provide.