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  1. Jp450r

    Font Identification

    I was thinking the same. Any idea what font it is? i agree it looks basic but the b and s look different.
  2. Jp450r

    Pulling my Hair out

    so like adding a contour to it? or just make it a little bigger?
  3. Jp450r

    Pulling my Hair out

    Is that in vinylmaster? I see the knife tool but it will not let me select it.
  4. Jp450r

    Pulling my Hair out

    so just duplicate say the @ symbol then punch out the one over the logo. Then drag the other into the space made by the punch out? While i have you here Vinylmaster, how do i get the knife tool to highlight so i can use it?
  5. Jp450r

    Pulling my Hair out

    The @ cut out of the logo is what i need to learn to do. Sorry i was not clear in my first post.
  6. I know this should be simple to do but i have been racking my brain trying to figure it out. Can anyone help me by telling me how to do something like this in Vinyl Master pro?
  7. Jp450r

    Font Identification

    Anyone know what font the Black star is?
  8. Yes the colleen is included with VM pro. I was just going thru the fontmanager option and theres like 5 different versions of it. Whan i get get back to my computer i will tell you exactly how to get to it.
  9. I guessing you are using PRO?
  10. No it was in Font manager. I will see what it was under tomorrow. I know it was under Fancy but the exact folder, i will have to look but the picture is the way it came out.
  11. Jp450r

    New Tech Support Portal

    No, i wasnt sure where to go but thanks. going there now.
  12. Oh and the name of the font is "COLLEEN".
  13. Jp450r

    New Tech Support Portal

    I was told to open a ticket because i cant make the knife tool in VM pro 4.0 titan edition clickable to use also, i tried one of the fonts in font manager and it looks really choppy. why would that be? Here is the picture of the font named Colleen.
  14. That was just typing it from VM's factory fonts that come with it. I would never cut this and let it go.