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    Import scale smaller than TurboCad drawing???

    Hi, I found a solution that is working for me. After I import a .dxf file I use the scale tool to resize the drawing. Because I used a cad program to create the template I know the width and height . Thanks for the help. Cheers
  2. cutup0017

    Import scale smaller than TurboCad drawing???

    Hi, thanks for the help. I can save as from the Cad program many different file types. I will try some different file extinctions and post the results if successful. thanks again.
  3. Greetings, I am a fabricator. I am interested plotting templates using drawing .dxf files from TurboCad. When I import a .dxf file from the Cad program it is displayed smaller then the size that it was drawn. I am using VinlyMaster Cut 4.0. Is there a method to keep the import file the same size when displayed in VinlyMaster Cut 4.0. Thanks for any help received. Cheers