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  1. Grandwazoo

    Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    Not to interupt. Oh, and HNY everyone! If you were starting out today with limited income. What vinyl printer would you buy? For say signs, decals, etc. Thanks in advance. And yes, I have read above.
  2. Grandwazoo

    Okay I can't find it.

    Of course, lol. Thanks Mike.
  3. Probably right in front of my face. I am using Vinylmaster CUT. I have a piece of artwork and I just want to cut the perimeter. Can't figure out how to do that. Thanks in advance.
  4. Grandwazoo

    Vinyl on vinyl.

    Oh yeah, wet is the best bet! Especially with lots of little tiny intricate vinyl pieces.
  5. Grandwazoo

    Vinyl on vinyl.

    Very good. Thank you all.
  6. Grandwazoo

    Vinyl on vinyl.

    Doing just that, Wild Man. Some of the cuts have pointy cuts and that's what comes up. I try and hold it down with my squeegee or pic. Which works but it sure adds time to the work. Not to mention much cursing!
  7. Grandwazoo

    Vinyl on vinyl.

    Thanks in advance. When layering vinyl on vinyl I'm finding the transfer tape adhesive is stronger than the vinyl stuck to the paper and vinyl base. Thus having a heck of a time pulling off the transfer tape without pulling up the base layer. Is there, or should I use, perhaps a different transfer tape for vinyl on vinyl?
  8. Grandwazoo


    Thank you, mam. Gotcha, appreciate the help.
  9. Grandwazoo


    Thanks MZ. I figured it might be temperature. What do you mean " the vinyl will heal itself?" How's the weather up there? Gonna be sunny and 75 today here. Haha!
  10. Grandwazoo


    Thanks in advance. I live in central Florida. My studio is in my Florida room and faces east. At night it gets around 50 degrees. When the sun comes up it bounces up to 70 + in about 2 hours. I keep all my vinyl in the house but I had left the cuts and TransferRite in the Florida room. Today I weeded it and was transferring one color to another. Did my squeege routine and applied it to the other color. You guessed it, had one hell of a time trying to peel it off. The vinyl kept coming up. My guess is perhaps with the temperature change it effected it somewhat. Any thought's?
  11. Grandwazoo

    Registration marks

    Thanks all. That was my thought as well. ShaneGreen CUT.
  12. Grandwazoo

    Registration marks

    Question. Made a 3 layer piece. Had reg. marks on them but they came proportional to cut. Is there a way to make them the same as the base so I could have lined them up? Ended up eye balling it. A little off but still usable.
  13. Grandwazoo

    Send your children out of the room.

    Thanks DS. Yeah, I'm finding that out. But, being a newbie, gotta master CUT then move on.
  14. Grandwazoo

    Send your children out of the room.

    Nice sale, you are busy. Would you mind if I sent it to you for your opinion? Would I need something special to duplicate a high resolution picture? It would probably have to be on a polo type shirt 50 50 cotton and poly. Just the front.
  15. Grandwazoo

    Send your children out of the room.

    Yeah, been thinking about shirts myself Wild Man. Do I just need a press 15 x 15 and some heat vinyl? In fact, I have designed a shirt for my boss. Would you like to make them for me? I'm waiting for a picture that a guy I work with is going to take for me. Would be two shirts only at the start. I truly believe that that would turn into perhaps 10/20 a month if he goes for it. Two would be the bait. If you want I'll email what I have so far, for you to look at. You are welcome to change it anyway you see fit.