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  1. Lil' Angel

    Vinyl Not Sticking To Window

    I also have a lady saying she just put her's on and not sticking. I know that weather is a factor: Her: I’m not having much luck. I cleaned my window very well yesterday. I applied it in my garage. It went on beautifully. This am I went out to the garage to leave and the decal isn’t sticking at all. I re ent over it and pushed it down but it is not adhearing. There isn’t any film or anything on my window. Any ideas? Please Help
  2. Lil' Angel

    Make Image Lines Thicker?

    Slice&dice It wasn't for a Text, It was for an Image. But thank You Not sure what this is:
  3. Lil' Angel

    Make Image Lines Thicker?

    Is their away to make an Image Lines Thicker? I saw a post that Flexi Sign could I was just wondering If Sure Cuts Or Signblaze could. Thank You All
  4. Lil' Angel

    Vinyl calc cost of material Modded--For newbies and non

    anyone still have this? Nevermind