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  1. No I haven't, I was told by someone that it would help me. I have ver: Sure Cuts A Lot 3 Pro, Coreldraw ver: 2021. Scalp 3 I think.
  2. @haumanaHere is the Error I get. Sorry been busy.
  3. I can install the plug in and it their, but when I sent to SCALP, I get an error. I forget that Error, but it never sends it
  4. Can you tell me how maybe?
  5. Thank You @Sue2 can you tell me what software you used? I do have CorelDraw, That is the only Software that I have that will allow me to open up the SVGs to Nodes Edit. other than Sure Cuts A lot. I had bought the image online. I can't Draw for I'm not sure really how I would learning to redraw/manually trace it would be a good skill to have as well and can greatly improve image/cut quality. Thank You Both Lil' Angel
  6. I own 2 One I use now is MH721-MK2, which use's Sure cuts A Lot 3 Pro. The other Is a PCut630 Which I've not used in awhile, I can use Signblazer with that one, but not the one I'm using now.
  7. Lil' Angel

    I’ve always had an issue with vinyl backing curling

    I see what you all are saying. Thank You all.
  8. So I have this image I bought and this is not the only one, so I left the person good Feedback but told them unfortunately, I can't use most of their images so they asked me to upload one and they would try and help me. So I got a message back saying: I read this thread: and he used CorelDraw and use the plug in to send directly to scalp, then just cut.Here is the link of plug-in: . But I've not gotten it to work at all.
  9. Lil' Angel

    I’ve always had an issue with vinyl backing curling

    I have a piece here, I though of putting tint on one side so it looks like a car window. Hmmm ideas?
  10. Can someone help me with this image, What I need is the Wife Lettering off the Hook so that I may add something else there instead. Thank You Lil' Angel CraneOprWife.svg
  11. Lil' Angel

    I’ve always had an issue with vinyl backing curling

    Thank You, I do use tape on the back and stick it down to my table loosely.
  12. I can't get Corel to do this at all and I have sure cut pro 3
  13. I’ve always had an issue with vinyl backing curling with the decal on do I flatten them without messing up the decal??? I need these for my listings online.
  14. Lil' Angel

    Vinyl Not Sticking To Window

    I also have a lady saying she just put her's on and not sticking. I know that weather is a factor: Her: I’m not having much luck. I cleaned my window very well yesterday. I applied it in my garage. It went on beautifully. This am I went out to the garage to leave and the decal isn’t sticking at all. I re ent over it and pushed it down but it is not adhearing. There isn’t any film or anything on my window. Any ideas? Please Help
  15. Lil' Angel

    Make Image Lines Thicker?

    Slice&dice It wasn't for a Text, It was for an Image. But thank You Not sure what this is: