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  1. I bought the Graphtec FC8600-130. My decals are printed in 2 pieces to make them 7 feet. And yeah I tried to cut out registration marks within the vinyl but they couldn't be read. Tried marking them with a marker and that didn't work either. I guess maybe it can't be done. Thanks for your help though!
  2. Im really hoping theres a way as I bought this machine with the thought that I could do this but probably should have checked. My decals are 7 feet tall and 7 feet wide so a tight contour cut around the image would look much nicer than cutting it by hand. Thanks for replying though!
  3. Yes that's right. After the transfer tape is applied, am I still able to put it back through to contour cut my decal?
  4. Hi there! I have just bought a Graphtec FC8600 and have a question about alignment/registration marks and contour cutting. I have designed some kids decals and am able to cut out the designs, weed them and then apply the transfer tape...but then I'd like to be able to put the images back into the cutter to contour cut them so they have nice perfect edges. However, as my images are not printed from a printer, they are simply 1 colour cut out from coloured vinyl, I don't have the option to print registration marks on them. I have tried with a pen to trick the graphtec and draw them on but that definitely does not work. Is there a way to put the image back through the Graphtec to get a nice contour cut without using registration marks. Or just another way I haven't yet found in this 300 page manual? Lol Please let me know if anyone has any advice. Thanks!! :)