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  1. Hello i'm fairly new to printing and such. Nowadays we use an heat press together with a vinyl cutter and pre-bought heat transfers but now we want to expand into getting our own machine for making the transfers. I don't really know what kind of machine/printer is able to do these kind of prints we are after, im going to attach two pictures and hopefully you can see what i mean. The print itself has a texture that feels like dried ink and kinda like rubber. See attached pictures, i think i got the details on the picture.
  2. Thank you for your answer, i managed to remove the duplicate lines manually in WINPCSIGN. The design cuts out as the design looks! Mega thanks
  3. He re-did the paths and now im getting all lines but for some reason my redsail cuts the letters and circles two times so it gets all messed up
  4. Im going to check with my designer! Thanks for the tip
  5. So i'm trying to import an design that is EPS and made in illustrator but for some reason WINPCSIGN removes two circles of the design when importing it. Its a LOGO with text in middle and then three circles surrounding the text. Anyone got a clue whats wrong?