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  1. Okay, watching everyone give their two cents on this string has been entertaining. Zaar has done a really good job of proving my point. I even spoke with US Cutter Tech Support and they said YES, the SC2 is 100% compatible with Mac as long as you use the USB/Serial driver they offer. I installed it... and the Mac STILL won't find the plotter. Cannot get tech support to call me back and walk me through HOW to make it work natively on my Mac, but I'm trying!
  2. Gosh, and the site says it IS Mac-compatible. I feel I kinda got sold a bag of goods. Why advertise a Illustrator Plugin for Mac that works with the cutters. But NOT have the cutter findable by the Mac. Seems dumb. BTW, I downloaded SCALP demo, installed it... it cannot find the cutter either. I'm returning this machine if I cannot use it, and using Windows is NEVER EVER an option for me. It's like putting mud in your Ferrari's gas tank. On purpose.
  3. Yeah, I bought this machine strictly because it says it WAS compatible with the Mac. They forced VinylMaster on me. Which is PC only. Disappointed so far. How much is SCALP. BTW, I JUST got this machine brand new four days ago.
  4. Trying to connect my SC2 to my Mac running OS X 10.12.3 Sierra. Plug in the USB, turn on the machine, launch software... no cutter. Go to add a new printer in system prefs... no cutter. Use the plug-in in Illustrator... no cutter. Tries to launch the Silhouette software. Anyone?