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    Roland CX300

    Thanks for that info, I will try Signblazer as none of the updated programs work.
  2. Lynjp

    Roland CX300

    Hi Darcshadow, I'm a bit concerned about downloading in case I get a virus. I only found Illustrator 8.0 books on ebay. I'm wondering if I can use any other programs like Signblazer Elements?
  3. I have a Roland cx300 cutter plotter which I was using on an XP computer with Illustrator 8.0. All was well until computer died this year. It won't run in Windows 10 so I got a 2nd hand computer with XP in virtual mode. I have all original Roland set up disc etc but not Illustrator 8.0 & I can no longer buy this. What could I use to run my Roland CX300?