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  1. Yes, that's what I did. I took the text expanded it and merged in the original file.
  2. DarcShadow, after I couldn't get the autoweld to work I did go into my file and do it manually but when I reloaded the new file it wouldn't recognize it. And still showed it needed to be welded.
  3. Thank you Skeeter, I understand that and at one point did run Windows on parallel but had more issues. CM3 ran great through AI and MAC and have only had issues since I had to upgrade to CM4. I prefer running MAC
  4. Thanks but I'm using a MAC computer running High Sierra.
  5. Hey there, I've searched high and low for more info on issues with autoweld not working on Cutting Master 4 and can't find a solution. I understand Graphtec made changes to fix this issue and applied them to the new version BUT it's not working for me. Anyone have any suggestions? I work with a LOT of script fonts and so AUTOWELD IS A MUST! I've tried by expanding and merging in Illustrator but CM4 still won't recognize the welds! The platforms I'm working with AI CC 2018 // Cutting Master 4 // Graphtec CE6000-60 Thanks for any help. Anne