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  1. Garlic99

    Vinyl Express .ve files to Signblazer?

    Yeah, the first laptop, an XP install that we've used for years is connected to the Internet, but started generating the "Internet connection is required" error. That's what prompted trying it on Win 10, then Win 10 in Vista and XP mode (the screenshots). I tried changing the .ve files to eps, svg, pdf, and jpg and no luck. Photoshop and Acrobat were unable to open anything. The frustrating search continues...
  2. Garlic99

    Vinyl Express .ve files to Signblazer?

    No, sorry. I didn't clarify: The XP machine started giving the "Internet connection required for this program to continue to work" error. That's what prompted this mess. I still don't have any way to convert all the VE files to EPS without paying their new software.
  3. Garlic99

    Vinyl Express .ve files to Signblazer?

    In reply to some Q's: The VE LXi 8.5 was running on a Windows XP laptop. I used the disc to install it on a different PC in Windows 10, same result. That prompted trying to run as XP and VISTA from Windows 10. Still the same errors noted earlier. I'll try the "change file extension" option this weekend (This is for my parents).
  4. Garlic99

    Vinyl Express .ve files to Signblazer?

    Thanks for your quick replies! If I can get Vinyl Express LXi 8.5 working, I'd rather use that than Signblazer. We only just now started fiddling with Signblazer because we couldn't get LXi 85 working. If not, then I'll try MZ Skeeter's idea of switching file extension names (It surprises me that worked for you, as changing file extensions don't typically result in a functional file, do they?) As for End of Life of 8.5, I'm referencing this page. Our old physical USB authentication dongle was from several versions ago, 8.5 requires some web-based authentication. With a perfectly working Internet connection (as I was googling potential fixes for this on the same Windows 10 PC) the 8.5 LXi shows a "Internet connection is required for this application to continue to work properly. Please check your network connection." error whether on Windows 10, or running the program in compatibility mode as Windows Vista or Windows XP. I suppose this is what the above linked page was referencing, a literal END of life, as opposed to ceasing support or updates to a software...see screenshots. I'm still stumped.
  5. We run a corn maze and have been making signs on our Lynx 24" for ~6 years. The latest version of Vinyl Express LXi we have is 8.5, which is now end of life, we can't open it to view our .ve files. We don't use the features of the LXi software, and have transitioned to Signblazer. I need to convert about 150 .ve files into something like an .eps file so that we can open/edit them in Signblazer. I can't find a "trial" version to do this, or any way to accomplish this other than buying the newest version of LXi for $200 - $800. Is there a tool that does this? Or someone I can pay $50 to convert all these?