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    Scale Problem

    Sorry about that and thanks for your help! I am using Graphtec Pro Studio 2.21 and Graphtec Pro Studio Production Manager 2.21, running on Windows 7. Are there specific settings within Graphtec Pro Studio or Production Manager that would be helpful for me to share screenshots of? (Yep, tried contacting Graphtec support.) Edit: I have determined that the files are printing out at a scale exactly .25 of the designs. As a workaround, I can increase the scale 400%, but would love to figure out what is causing the scale to shrink so I can fix it properly!
  2. Hi there, We have a strange problem with our Graphtec CE5000 120-AP - it is plotting out our designs on a tiny scale. We only use the pen tool, and do not cut. Currently we fix this problem by uninstalling and reinstalling Graphtec Pro Studio and Pro Studio Production Manager every time we need to use the machine (which is not that often as we are an apparel company and we only use it to plot patterns for new garment designs). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! Greg