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    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Haha, I bet they do. I will ask my buddy Dustin who got me started. Thank you!
  2. mmjcarr

    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Hey Dakotagrax - Appreciate the response! I have my garage heated in the winter to about 45 degrees and i'm in the process of looking for a humidifier for the warmer months. With that said, would you still recommend not setting it up in that environment? I ask because Michigan is very similar to Minnesota with the exception of The Vikings vs The Lions. Thanks again! Mike
  3. mmjcarr

    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Hello. Just bought a LaserPoint 3 ARMS Contour Cut Vinyl Cutter to mess around with. My buddies and I are into Jeep's and what people are charging for custom decals have driven me to start making my own for friends and see where it takes me. Gonna set it up in my garage and use my workbench as the headquarters. Any suggestions? tips? tricks? Thanks in advance! MC (Eagan, MN)