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  1. I wonder how long adhesive Oracal vinyl for outdoors can be stored on a roll and still work and apply like it should?
  2. videorov

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    You might have something there with not cutting through the adhesive. I can lift it off the backing using this clear transfer tape brand which seems to have more stick. But I should be able to lift it off with a standard paper transfer tape aswell. I will adjust the blade just a little bit to make sure its getting through the adhesive. Im not marking the backing at all but maybe just a little tiny bit would be a good thing? Thanks for the idea.
  3. videorov

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    I have the blade set ok looks like. It doesn't cut the backing any and everything weeds out all ok but just have a hard time taking the backing off some things with more detail in them. Im working on a larger design right now and not any small piece's in it so it should work ok on that. Don't have a problem with larger stuff. Yes I have a nice squeegee a gold one and do press firm with it. Vinyl has always been stored inside air conditioned area. Seems like the backing should come off easier. Oh well will do the best I can and maybe when I order some new it will perform better.
  4. videorov

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    I tried the 4076 RLA but my clear transfer tape seems to have more tack and is working better. Will have to stay with this clear tape looks like. Maybe the vinyl is getting a bit old and a little tough to get more detailed stuff to lift off the release backing. It seems to be working if I pull back and forth side to side at a sharp angle right now.
  5. videorov

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    I ordered up some of the 4076 RLA and will see if that helps.
  6. videorov

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    I will try some of the R-Tape Conform 4076 RLA and see if it will be tacky enough . This vinyl is about 1 year old. Does US cutter sell this R-Tape Conform 4076 RLA ???? Is there another type that might be even more tacky or is it the one with most tack????????????
  7. videorov

    641 Economy Oracal vinyl doesn't release to transfer tape

    Yes I have done that and the vinyl comes up with the backing. The transfer tape doesn't pull it off.
  8. I just bought some TransferRite Ultra and it won't lift the vinyl from backing when I try to pull the backing off. My transfer tape doesn't seem to have enough tack to pick it upoff its factory backing. The vinyl is a little old but is there a transfer tape that can lift it up off its backing?When I try to pull the backing off it won't stay on the transfer tape.Any ideas guys, maybe a real high tack transfer tape, something strong and once its on the transfer tape I think it will stay on what ever I place it on when I pull the transfer tape off.I would hate to throw the vinyl away if its getting old.Does vinyl get hard to use when it gets older like this?
  9. Thanks wildgoose I will give that a try and work along with it a little at a time.
  10. I understand doing the hand thing with the blade and adjusting it till it just cuts through the vinyl and not the backing. I will have to see what the grams of pressure it starts at and adjust with a test button cut and go from there.
  11. How can I tell what board version I have in this machine MH 721-MK2
  12. What is a good pressure setting and speed to start with do you think, and then adjust from there. Thanks for all your help Skeeter.
  13. I will have to read about setting the blade depth. Thanks for reminding me about peeling the backing off and not the transfer tape to try and lift the graphic off:) That works much better:) Just have to get the blade depth set. Thanks for you help Skeeter. videorov
  14. I have the MH721-MK2 cutter and wonder what a good start setting pressure and speed for Oracal 641 Economy CAL vinyl and transfer tape for it. I have some Orafol transfer tape and sometimes it doesn't pick up the vinyl off the backing sheet real easy? Maybe there is a better transfer tape.Tape might be getting old too if it does that. I just started to use this cutter again for some projects. I bought it new and has low hrs. on it. Im using the SURE CUTS A Lot Pro software. videorov