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  1. Sublimation ink ?

    Hi Just bought a Epson 7110 and c88+ printer does each one use the same sublimation ink per cobra they say each one uses a different sub ink is that true Thanks Southern Teez
  2. Sublimation sign blanks

    I'm in the upstate but wish I was on the coast Thanks Southern Teez
  3. Sublimation sign blanks

    Hi Just getting started again been out of it for awhile I don't know whether y'all know about www.sign Check them out for sub blanks Thanks Southern Teez
  4. had to do this

    That is so true I got caught for speeding last year for that very reason Teez

    Thanks Teez

    Thanks very much
  7. wife brings home something new

  8. pirates

  9. help with pricing

    HI Coondog here in SC. I add length and width together divide by 2 per decal add all decals together divide by 2 for install fee 10x21=31 divided by 2 =15.50 times 2=31dollars 3x23= 26 divided by 2=13x2=26 dollars add these prices together which is 57 dollars add half of this price for install 28.50 or round off to 30 total of job 87 dollars this is not perfect it's the way i been pricing for years PS--- I add length and width on all decals divide by 2 on all my sales big or small
  10. Anybody have a cool killer bee?

    thanks Teez
  11. Giving back....2nd Admenment

    thanks teez
  12. Application Tape Help

    I had same problem with r-tape clear and returned it to my supplier and they told me they had a bad batch from r-tape they replaced it with conform tape This happened about 3 months ago but talked again yesterday about the problem Teez
  13. New Skull

    Thanks for the cool skulls Teez
  14. calvin peeing on obama anybody?

    Have fun with this Teez Obama