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  1. FYI - contacted Craftedge (creators of Sure Cuts A Lot) and the software does NOT have the ability to modify 'where' the design starts/stops. No worries - it's just helpful to know as I design and layout orders.
  2. Thank you all - yes, Wildgoose - I'm doing a paint stencil (that is my business) and the 1" border (For my purposes represents the frame I hand cut). I looked in software settings but couldn't find a setting to modify the cut pattern (i.e. left to right) but if not as darcshadow says, my layout shouldn't change just the way this cutter will cut (and me changing my thought process going forward)....
  3. MZ Skeeter. Ok- yes, I'm loading from the back. That helps about just needing a little bit of material past cutting strip. The cutter cutting right to left, interesting and different from what I'm used to... I will make sure I'm hitting ORIGIN . Sooo, I do a lot of pieces like the attached... Example (attached): Size is 16x16... and I create the design as if you were reading, Starting top left over to top right and then on down. Previous cutter cut left to right.... Again, just trying to re-train my brain on the new cutter logistics. Do you see any way that I would need to design anything differently from the way I have been? Or just realize with the new cutter, instead of starting at the "G" (in GRATEFUL) at the 1" mark, it would start with the "N' (in BETWEEN) and adjust layout/vinyl material etc.... accordingly. (thank you as always)
  4. First, thank you to all that help respond on these boards. I know your expertise is always appreciated. I just purchased a Titan 2 and then received SCALPro3 (Mac). I got everything set up so mac/SCALP is sending to the cutter (yay) AND think I have blade setting and speed and force set (a miracle and another yay!). I'm super familiar with SCAL as I have version 4 and a silhouette machine (know it's a 'craft cutter'). I'm struggling with this most simple thing. The vinyl piece I'm using is 14" by 18" wide. I'm lining it up at the 1" mark so that puts the vinyl to 19" mark on the ruler. I'm loading the vinyl from the back (but still unclear how far to bring it up to the front, obviously past the rollers but not sure how far to have it... I have it set as WYSIWYG - so it cuts the way I have it on the SCAL virtual mat. The carriage head 'moves over to the left and then the rollers push the vinyl so it's cutting in the far left-hand corner. I have attached a screen shot of the word TEST. I'm lining it up so the 'T' would start at 1" down and 1" across... when I go to cut, rollers are pushing the vinyl so much that it's falling through... I know I can add a longer piece of vinyl (than the 14") but I think I just need some guidance on 'margins' or how to best line up the vinyl/how much to allow for rollers... I do some VERY specific designing so where lettering lines up and all will be crucial for me to comprehend -right now I'm not clear how lining up vinyl/allowing for margins/rollers etc. on the Titan 2... help appreciated. Thank you in advance. Cindi
  5. Hello all. I know there is this link (below) that I've found in searching the forum, is there ANY other resource I should look at, view, read, watch that would help me with things like how to move the rollers and cutter settings for certain materials, things of this nature. I'm trying do my best to prepare and learn before delving direct into the machine (thank you in advance)!
  6. thank you both - unfortunately my personal situation isn't really allowing me to use a credit card for those type of supplies. I hear you - loud and clear and wish I could. Thank you all
  7. Haumana - thank you! darcshadow - I'll need to look into it. I really try to buy what I can, locally, using cash and not spending on our credit card. Funds are crazy tight and when I get paid for jobs, I use cash to buy supplies.
  8. I have ordered a Titan 2 (28") cutter which is arriving tomorrow. I use a Mac so getting the Sure Cuts a lot version (not sure which version; maybe 3 Pro). I already have/use SCAL 4 (Mac) with my silhouette cameo so not sure how all that will work. I use (will use) the cutter to create 'stencils' using a contact paper and then I make signs on wood. Some files are big with lots of small letters/words (pain in the butt) and others are small files with only a word or two. I welcome ANY/ALL tips and tricks on getting this baby up and running quickly. I have a small business out of my home but I am always SLAMMED and looking forward to a, hopeful, smooth transition and getting acclimated quickly. (Thank you to all that helped me with answering questions on machines and such). Thank you, Cindi
  9. Wild goose - it's a good thought process utilizing the PC... Regardless, so grateful for everyone's insight. Hope all had a good Labor day. Calling US cutter with some questions tomorrow. You all have been so helpful. Cindi
  10. MZ Skeeter - I would have to upgrade but will definitely check that out. thank you much!
  11. Thank you Haumana - appreciate you understanding that is really is a daunting decision. I have a business and you have to spend money to make money - trying to make the best decision. $800 is a lot of money for my family. Thank for your additional comments on the cutters and your thoughts. Slide & Dice - I appreciate your candor. I'm trying to make the best decision. I have a Mac, run SCAL - need to continue. When I learned how most software does NOT utilize a Mac platform, that lead me to researching Mac options (those are not cheap). Just trying to ensure that if I purchased an inexpensive PC and ran appropriate software that there was not an 'obvious' cutter solution. Per MS Skeeter's comments - seems Titan 2 is still best option. I have always been appreciative (and kind) with everyone's perspectives and assistance. MZ Skeeter - Yes, thank you for your comments. I have been spending hours pulling up all the cutters and specs (motor and such). There are so many and just wanted a little nudge in the right direction regarding the beginning end that has a servo. Thank you for all your great insight and perspective. That buying guide link is super helpful - I never saw that before. I've been just pulling up each cutter and thank you
  12. jep8fan - I'm not aware of a node selection tool (FYI - I'm using SCAL4)
  13. Happy Labor Day all....Ok - weird topic title I know BUT... I have a Mac, and use SCAL4 and need to continue using it as ALL my files from years and years are with it and I actually love's a perfect program for me. Sooo, because I have a Mac, many were helping direct me and seemed Titan was best option. BUT, if I could find a cheap PC laptop and just put the software on that and then hooked up an inexpensive external drive (to save/move all my SCAL files)...what THEN would be the best model for me. As like many, on a budget but really need to get the best machine I can possibly afford..I'd like to find a cutter that has a servo motor but the lowest priced option in that arena. I'm just weighing this option- seeing if it's a better price than getting a Titan 2 (first real option for Mac and with servo)... probably need the smallest cutter available. I was shocked when I started the process of looking that the software/machines are so PC centric. I never expected that. I use a Silhouette Cameo and know it's a craft machine but cannot believe how well it's served me. I use it ONLY to cut stencils, I have a business and use the stencils to make wood signs. I recently learned that this machine was manufactured by the same company that makes GRAPHTEC. I have had this machine for so many years and literally run it day/night. I need the next possible step-up. I know you have to spend money to make money but seems like timing is just never right to drop a hunk of change...but my machine just might be on it's last leg so need to pull the trigger now. This forum is wonderful and cannot tell you how much it means to have the input/feedback from you all... I thought this would be such an easy purchase and I'm weeks and weeks in to the research and head is spinning trying to find the best scenario. Thank you, Cindi
  14. 88X - I'm going to message you privately...I'm not fully clear on what to do.... (thank you, though, for your help - looking forward to finding a solution....
  15. 88X - ok - thank you will try this later tonight for sure