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    JUNK MH871-MK2

    What a peice of junk I purchased from US cutter. I am not a professional by no means but was trying to get into lettering my own company vehicles after we repainted them as I hate to ask my son to do the lettering for our company as he never charges me and is always happy to make signs or digital prints for me. Plus I know vinyl is expensive and his employees time is not cheap. The MH 871-MK2 never tracked right while cutting no matter what you did for medium to large jobs. I even went to my son's sign shop in Denver to help me figure this thing out. even his tech looked at it and tried to figure it out. I changed pinch rollers even put it up on a table to help with the material tracking after a while the material goes off to one side. We even checking the textured roller under the pinch wheels but nothing. It pulls materials straight then while cutting material starts going to one side. I have lost so much vinyl material that it is not funny. That's what I get for buying a cheap cutter. I took the shot gun and let 2 rounds off plus a base ball bat to finish off this MH871-MK2. Wow what a stress reliever after 5 years of fighting and fighting with this machine. But one good thing my wife bought me a Chinese cutter off of ebay that has a lot of features you 2000.00 dollar machine has. Well so much for doing signs and stickers on the side as a hobby.