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  1. I added a drop of thin oil, I turned off tangential mode, and I increased my offset force+angle (I originally turned the force down because it was leaving a cut within the cut area. But there's a setting telling it to start 2mm below the start area versus outside the cut area completely, so I changed that to outside and that seems fine). And it seems to be better now. I can't tell yet if it's completely as it should be, but I think it's good and you can assume the issue is resolved unless I post again to say otherwise. I don't really know about the condition priority or the 9th condition, but hopefully I don't need to? Fingers crossed.
  2. I don't have the fiber tip pen. I don't think I can test with just any old pen, can I?
  3. I'm using Cutting Master 3. I typically change the settings from my computer. I'm using files from Adobe Illustrator and Cutting Master 3 seemed to be the program best suited for that. Should I try Graphtec Cutting Controller? The reason I didn't mention the software before is because even if I just do the test cut right from the FC8000-60, it still happens, and that isn't software-specific so I assume the issue isn't in the software itself.
  4. Okay, I followed those steps to get the blade to poke out as little as possible while still cutting vinyl and not backing, and changed the offset to 0. At 1 Pass, the blade only cuts deep enough if set to 28. At 2 Passes, it still needs to be around 24. With either force setting, the same issues with corners persists. With two passes it's less noticeable because sometimes it will cut bad on one of the passes but not the other pass, but in the end that still leaves for a weird cut. Do you know if there are any other settings that might be interfering as well?
  5. I've been using the FC8000-60 for a few months now and I've had issues on and off at the beginning, but then I was able to sort through it and have it running well for the vast majority of the time. Eventually, the blade was getting too dull and I put a new one on. Immediately, it wasn't pressing into my laminated vinyl as much as the original blade was. If I turn up the pressure to ensure it cuts deep enough, I seem to start having issues where the alignment around corners won't line up right. At a corner, it will occasionally turn funny. I've attached a preview of the offset test, and it's really hard to see on screen so I traced it really quick and moved the trace above the actual photo so you can see what I mean. Those are supposed to be perfect squares, but they aren't. I've tried changing the offset, no setting works. I've tried changing how far out the blade tip goes, nothing seems to be working (if it's too far in, it doesn't pierce the laminate. if it's too far out, misshapes like this get even worse. But there's no happy medium where it actually cuts correctly). The blade is a CB15UA-K30-2, which is the same as the previous one. (In case the tip was damaged, I tried replacing it with a third blade, but the issue persists). We actually had a different blade in at the start, CB09U I think, but we were having the same issues as I am now, which is why we changed and which seemed to fix it. My current settings are: Offset: 2 (gone through many changes though) Speed: 15 (we usually run closer to 25 though, as I'm in a business that makes many labels. Was fine for several months at 25) Acceleration: 1 (I believe I was at 3 before. Again, just trying to slow things down to improve the cut but it isn't working) Cut Force: 29 (definitely higher than I want to be, but I can't get it to cut otherwise) Tangential Mode: 2 Start Ext / End Ext 0.3mm Init Force 3 Tool Setting: Step Pass 1 Offset Force 2 Offset Angle 18 Anyone have any advice?