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  1. I just bought this cutter from a sign shop. It was fully operational and they were using the same software as me (Flexi.) Now when I try to contour cut with it, I load the sheet and it won't read the registration marks. It just gives me the "Mark Scan Error" and when I cancel it the cutter just starts cutting random. Any help or advice on this issue.
  2. copyshipresources

    Maximum Cutting Length

    I have a SC2 and I'm running vinyl master cut 4.0. What is the maximum length the memory will allow this machine to cut?
  3. copyshipresources

    Box around my cuts?

    No it isn't checked.
  4. copyshipresources

    Box around my cuts?

    I am using Vinyl Master 4.0
  5. copyshipresources

    Box around my cuts?

    I'm having an issue with my files i send to the cutter. There is a box that cuts around my file designs. How do I get that off? It didn't start out that way. I have an SC2.