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  1. MonarchLimited

    651 White being difficult. All other colors are fine

    to be honest, I have no clue haha. But it might be some older inventory. I have been using 651vinyl recently but am not sure how fresh their stuff it. I might try upping the pressure again or maybe my blade is dulling. Haven't had it longer than 2 moths though so I feel like its something else. Thank you
  2. MonarchLimited

    651 White being difficult. All other colors are fine

    Thank you for the tips. I have made sure my backing isn't getting cut based off what I've seen on the forum. I was trying to get a head a bit and cut everything beforehand so I can weed it if i am not at home. I would bring the sheets to work with me and do it on my lunch lol. Thank you! I have mine set at around 141g and feel like its high lol. sounds like i should try weeding quicker.
  3. MonarchLimited

    651 White being difficult. All other colors are fine

    Thanks for the info. It has been on a few different rolls. I just thought it was weird that it's only been white giving me issues. I usually weed after cutting or within a day or 2. I am using the blades that came with the cutter but will be replacing soon and will look into the clean cut. I haven't tried 751 yet either but might try that as well. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I am using a LP2 cutter and whenever I cut something out of my white 651, it is always gives me a hard time weeding. I had to reverse weed 100 decals last weekend and that was not fun at all. It seems to cut through but there's a clear adhesive layer that stays behind kind of. All other colors are perfectly fine. And help is appreciated.
  5. genuinely didn't know this existed. Safe to use on the cutter I assume? I read that paper can be bad for the blades too. Thank you!
  6. Thank you, luckily I only tried it twice before cancelling it and just using the pen attachment to draw my stencil and then hand cut it. You think if I picked up a 12x24 cricut mat I would have any success? I mainly will be using this for vinyl but my gf and I make some things that require stencils and I thought it would make life easier possibly. Thank you all for the help!
  7. Hmm I’ll have to try to think of something. Whenever the paper moves in a direction other than what the blade is oriented for it just crumples up like crazy lol
  8. The insignia (Best Buy brand) usb to serial adapter seemed to do the trick! Thank you everyone. Since I’m here, has anyone ever used their cutter to cut paper? I am trying to cut freezer paper (I use them as stencils for clothing stuff) but the cutter just jams it up. Probably because it’s a vinyl cutter and not a paper cutter lol
  9. That's what I did and the tech did. Maybe I can try again when I am home. Thanks
  10. no there is nothing in that port so it shows nothing in the device manager. When I plug it in, it says "unknown device" or something like that with the "!" next to it
  11. Gotcha i will keep that in mind. Hopefully the one I picked up works haha. I'll check back later with my results
  12. It was a refurb model and it came with sure cuts a lot pro 3 by default. The gentleman from support last night remoted into my computer and did everything you mentioned (or so I think, I assume he knows what he is doing) I spoke with support again and decided to go buy a serial to usb adapter and will try that tonight. Hopefully it isn't a bad board becasue the way she made it sound, it will take a while to source one because they aren't in stock. I would most likely have to return it and buy something else as I have some time- sensitive things that I need to use the cutter for. Thank you for all the help, I'll keep you posted
  13. Thank you for the reply. It shows in device manager as unknown with the "!" so it's leading me to believe it's a driver but it could also be the port/cable. I tried it on my brand new laptop as well as a desktop that is easily 5-6 years old with multiple usb ports and get the same problem. I might be stupid, but the laserpoint doesn't tell me if it's ready or not. I jut turn it on and plug it in. I could be missing something there though.
  14. I now have the sure cuts a lot 3 pro after talking to support. I now have the sure cuts a lot 3 pro after talking to support I work until 5:30 and it’s roughly 6:30 by the time I get home and take the dog out if I head straight home. I’ve had to cut errands out of my day to get home 2 days now so i can be near the computer while I call them. I know I’m just complaining but i haven’t had one thing go right besides it showing up in one piece.