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  1. Good to know! Maybe I'll contact him after all
  2. Wow...can I delete this post in embarrassment
  3. Here's the attached ad. What do you all think? Seems crazy
  4. Keeley

    Who's selling on Etsy

    Your designs are so cool...I don't think they get many hits on Etsy because Etsy caters to a different demographic- at least that's my perspective. More feminine lettering/design. I think car shows and the like would be awesome for in-person exposure, ebay for online. I am intimidated by amazon so I'm unsure of that one.
  5. Keeley

    Who's selling on Etsy

    Which vinyl do you speak of?
  6. Dining room table..sounds familiar!! Lol. Do you sell online or in person?
  7. P.s I am REALLY stretching it with even $800 so I think the Titan will be my max bet.
  8. I wanted to be as budget conscious as possible, but I also don't want to turn out bad product. I also live on a 2nd floor so a servo motor would be ideal. It's just the fear of taking the plunge, spending almost a grand, and not being successful. I also worry that if I were to make my own website I wouldn't get the widespread audience that I would with Amazon Prime. I so appreciate all of your comments. I think I need to call USCutters and request they bring a showroom to northern ca
  9. I suppose I just assumed that large decals were sold more in person to help them apply the decal. Or maybe falling asleep lol
  10. Side note: I'm considering the Titan (1). Best I can do for price..trying to find minimum vinyl width? I have a bunch of 12" width rolls now. Also, it sounds like the cutters have trouble cutting small..can these handle cutting out something less than an inch? So many questions
  11. Thanks for your reply! I make all my own graphics or purchase extended licenses for the vectors that I think will sell well. No way in hell do I want to get sued! I have my niche picked out and I'm raring to go. My friend makes around $5000 a month utilizing amazon prime. I'm comfortable with that! He uses a Titan 2. Yes I had a feeling that the MH models sucked. I would love to spend $1500 on a better model but it's just not in the cards right now. What do you recommend for something under the $1000 range? Since I'm in the Bay Area there's a ton of local competition for big decals
  12. Hey all, I have a friend who successfully sells on Amazon who suggested I delve into the world of selling decals! I have a Cricut Air Explore 2 which would work well for a marketplace like Etsy but I want to reach Amazon. The Cricut Explore Air2 can only cut up to 24 inches at a time. A similar machine, the Silhouette Cameo, can cut up to 10 ft but I've read mixed reviews. I cannot hear the Cricut once I behind a closed door which is a plus because I work out of my home. I can't find exactly how fast it cuts vinyl so I can't really compare to anything else. I've read that the Cameo is slower than the Cricut. I need faster output. Since I haven't sold a thing yet I can't justify purchasing anything top of the line, but I eventually plan on it. I read lots of mixed reviews on the USCutter MH Line but I need something where I can successfully produce more. How loud are these things? You can't hear the Cricut if the door is closed but it can take 10 mins to cut a detailed sq ft of decals. No contour cutting required! I'm comfortable learning any software. For now I can only spend at the very most $400. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm in the SF Bay area and I can't find anywhere that I can see equipment in action to decide for myself. It's hard to shop for an investment online! Thanks everyone!