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  1. If any of you have experienced poor to extremely poor customer service...just know you're not alone. If you haven't purchased any equipment from these guys yet I would highly recommend that you don't. You better hope you can get it all set up and working and hope you didnt get a lemon(like me). ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Once I get my refund back for my titan 3 53" SE cutter I will gladly take my money somewhere else. If you don't belive me, look at their facebook reviews.
  2. I will go ahead and try this, I am pretty sure it was set up correctly. I also, don't think it will cut until you push the ORIGIN button. I moved the grit rollers and made sure there was nothing stuck to them and that they weren't stuck. I didn't notice any slow. good looking out! I have tracked a couple yards back and fourth, because i thought the rollers were the problem. The only reason i adjusted the pinch rollers was, because thats what the tech said i should do. I marked them and went in full rotations so I could get it back the "factory" if needed. NO HELP. Im just gonna send it back, I am done messing with it.
  3. Thanks for all the help and comments(everyone who replied). Software looks good, most likely a mechanical issue. nobody knows. OH WELL.
  4. Thanks I'll try that, I'll see how it goes.
  5. I'm pressing the back so you can see the full 45 degrees lol. Yeah that would be bad cutting like that
  6. 24" for testing, and I have tested 3 roller on it and 4. I line up all the pinch rollers above the roller. I can try 2, I know much isnt needed. Plus it has the "vacuum". If I'm cutting 48" rolls I would need to use all of them, so the amount of rollers in it shouldn't matter, I would think. Here are some pics
  7. I will double check the blade. Everything is brand new. I tried using both the 45 and 60 degree blades. I have some time today so ill get some better pics. As for the rollers. I have had them all over to the right(above the rollers, leaving the one on the left empty) and i have had the rollers all the way to the left(leaving 1 of the 2 that are close to each other empty. I pre feed all my cuts, I even tried using a just a large sheet to ensure it was being pulled through in anyway. With the sheet i still moved it back and forth to make sure it was feeding even. I have had the machine run as slow as 160 and up to 400.
  8. That makes sense about the blade being centered in the holder, I have adjusted the over cut from 0 - .60. (Vinyl Masters, but I import everything from Ai) Yeah I dont use the credit card "trick" I do it like MZ SKEETER said. I barely have the blade exposed test in on some vinyl before loading it in the cutter. -MZ SKEETER Yes, I've set the blade exactly like that, because thats usually the issue with most of the problems people have on here.  Thanks for the replies.
  9. The blade depth is fine. I set both the 45 and 60 degree blades. Adjusted the force to barely mark the backing I've done this a few different times. Even used the pen tool. The carriage is and holder are tight. No wiggle room Thanks for the reply.
  10. So i just received the 53" cutter and the setup was fairly straight forward. The issue I am having is that when i perform any cut (test cut, or job) the lines do no meet up when its done cutting. I make a circle, it's off, square it's off etc. it leaves little tails and is blatantly off. Iv'e got it pretty close to where i can weed it, but the lines are still not meeting up. I've calibrated the offset, verified the blade depth, cutting force and speed(high and low) . Pre fed the vinyl, made sure it's all straight. I called support twice! (very unimpressed so far) they had me repeat all the troubleshooting steps several times, they remote in to adjust the settings themselves, for some reason I'm apparently incapable of doing this.... of course it's the weekend now so Monday 8/6/18 they are supposed get back with to "resolve" this issue. they had me adjust the pinch roller tension (i marked them, before adjusting) I don't know what else there is to do?? i assume ill just get parts thrown at me until something is fixed or I have to send it back. Wasting more time and material. For them to say that this cutter has upgraded ANYTHING compared to the other titans may just be a pipe dream, BUT enough with all the bashing for now. It is frustrating to get the SE and not have it perform after tweaking and tuning it. TL;DR The lines don't meet up when cutting? Iv'e tried all settings, adjustments and even called support. Has anyone ever experienced this? Or are there any tricks to get this to cut right?