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  1. CATWOM1960

    Help Please

    would anyone know what the font that reads Memory OF TYIA
  2. I have been trying to clear the background on the for a week now getting really frustrated could anyone help me please Thank you in advance
  3. CATWOM1960

    What software did you move to from SCALP

    is the Scalps 4 the one that Us Cutter sales and also I found one on Amazon for 99.00
  4. CATWOM1960

    What software did you move to from SCALP

    where can I find the Sure Cuts A lot Pro Trial and will it work with my Refine MH721 Plotter I have had it for some time
  5. CATWOM1960

    Sure Cuts Alot

    Also US Cutter has the Sure Cuts A lot for 199.99 and I saw it on Amazon for 99.00 Is this the same one that US Cutter Sales
  6. CATWOM1960

    Sure Cuts Alot

    I have a Refine MH721 plotter and I use WinPCSIGN Pro 2007 Vista-XP as the cut program it uses a doggle key I am not happy about having to use a doggle to cut and design is sure cuts a lot a good program to use with my plotter Please Help Thank you
  7. Looking for this Graphic anyone know any help would be Appreciated Thank you Bonnie
  8. CATWOM1960

    The Font Thing

    would anyone happen to have the link to The Font Thing download that they could share Thank you Bonnie
  9. CATWOM1960

    Can I get some help Please

    Thank you so much Skarekrow and thank you all for the kind words only time will get us through this they will always be missed Bonnie
  10. CATWOM1960

    Can I get some help Please

    Thank you so much Wildgoose this will help us alot Bonnie
  11. CATWOM1960

    Can I get some help Please

    I know I have asked for a lot of help here on this forum and I do Thank everyone that has helped me in the past this has been a very hard week for my family my niece 16 and nephew 12 were killed in a car accident and we are trying to get through all the motions that go with the deth of a loved one they both loved sports Taylor played football on the little leauge in our city and Katie wat on the high school basketball team could anyone help with a trace whith these I am doing them in one color have never done anything in more then one color and not sure how to do that I just do this for a hobby and love doing it I realy need to take a class at how to do things Thanks for any help anyone can help with Bonnie
  12. CATWOM1960

    Can anyone help with this

    Thanks Skarekrow I will try this Bonnie
  13. CATWOM1960

    Can anyone help with this

    I have inkscape but have not had good luck with it in the past I can do the font but the hearts are what I am having trouble with my cut software winpcpro
  14. CATWOM1960

    Can anyone help with this

    I need to get rid of the background and clean up the font any help I would be greatfull Thanks Bonnie
  15. CATWOM1960

    Best cutting program

    I have winpc pro cutting program it uses a dogal Not sure if I like it have had to replace dogal once thought was expensive What is a better cutting program to use without a dogal Thanks Bonnie