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  1. Hi wildgoose.. Long time no reply, sorry for that. I would to thank u for ur detailed replies regarding my problem. I discovered the problem 2 months ago. It was on the settings of the red sail cutter under the communication port. I can cut now perfectly thanks to u and to red sail cutter manual. To those who have the same problem, they are open to reply on this thread..
  2. Hi Cal. Thank u for the reply. Its a different word.. I can see the piece that is not being cut in the outline or wireframe view. I've tried different value of knife offset and now it is not cutting any letter just some crazy diagonal lines and the weed cut. The speed is 400 mm/s and pressure is 210g. But i think i dont have problems with it because it cuts ok. I think i've messed up the settings of my winpcsign software. Do you think there is a way to reset to default all the settings? I've tried uninstalling and installing again but the settings remain.
  3. Hello there, i found this community helpful by just reading the discussion so i registered to post my problem. I can see you guys are pros, im a newbie in cutting industry. Im from Palawan, Philippines.. This is my problem.. I have a red sail cutter that comes with a WINPCSIGN basic 2009 software. The cutter setting is good as it cuts the vinyl without cutting the backing. When i cut a single line word/sentence it cuts ok. But when i cut two lines, it is skipping some letters and not cutting the inside of first letter. For example O is just cut the outside not the inside. I hope someone could help me. Thanks a lot in advance.