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  1. Huh. I don't know why there would be any kind of gradient. We made the file in Adobe Illustrator, which is just what we normally do for most files. I will try installing the fonts on the computer we use for the cutter and typing into Vinyl Master. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Thank you! I really appreciate your help.
  2. I've attached eps of both the original file and the newer file, and a pdf of the newer one. In the older file, we flipped the text in illustrator as it is meant to go on the inside of the window. In the newer file we used the "mirror" function in the cutting software for this. 180802-UTLTRN-Decal-MainWindow-NEW.eps 180719-UTLTRN-Decal-MainWindow.eps 180802-UTLTRN-Decal-MainWindow-NEW.pdf
  3. Thanks for your reply! This is the only large file it is doing this on. We tried to cut the original file twice and both times we did that it stopped in the exact same place, after 18" up the roll. Then it would do the recut cycle, each time stopping at the same place and starting to cut from the beginning again. Then we made a new file and actually flipped the text the other way, starting from the end of the text instead of the beginning. That time the cutter got almost 20" in and did the same thing. We are using the VinylMaster Cut V4.0 for the cutting software, running on an older Dell machine with Windows 7 Professional. Is there another software you recommend? I'm not sure how old the cutter is, at least 2 years. Is there a way to know? The only identifying info on it is Titan^2 and a bar code. The cutter set up was all done by an employee who is no longer here so until now we've pretty much been muddling though his set up hoping nothing would go wrong.
  4. We have a Titan2 cutter at our print and design shop. We are trying to cut a 72" x ~23" piece of vinyl. Though large it is just two lines of text, very simple. We've done pieces this large and even more complex without problem. This time, however, the cutter will get through anywhere between 12" to 24" of the vinyl, pause briefly, and then start over, recutting the same letters it has already cut. Until we go into the print queue and delete the job (which displays "Error-Printing" in the details of the job), it will just continue to recut and recut. Even if we let it run (I have taken the cutter offline and removed the blade to let it run and see if it would ever try to cut the whole job), it will never advance past the point where it stopped the first time. It just keeps repeating. We were worried the file was damaged, so made a completely new version of the file from scratch and it did the exact same thing. The file was made in Illustrator both times, with the text typed in to two text boxes and then both texts outlined. We saved the files as .eps as we always do for the cutter. Instead of continuing to waste vinyl making new versions of the file, does anyone have any ideas on a fix? Or somewhere to start? We would really prefer to not have to cut this in multiple pieces as the top line of text is just one long word and getting the spacing right seems like a pain we'd rather not tangle with. Because we were worried it was the fonts causing this, even though they were outlined, we made a tiny version (about 2"x8") of the same file and the cutter made it through that without issue. We've also done some other fairly large jobs since this issue first started with the problem job. Appreciate any consideration on this.