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    How many of you have been cutting Faux Leather with your Cameo or Cricut? I have been having the hardest time finding either good content that is helpful (video or just websites) with tips or ways to cut Faux Leather. The picture below has a few problems I am trying to solve. 1. Cutting into my mat. I soon wont have a mat to use if this keeps up, lol. For that particular project I used a Deep Cut Blade set at 18; Speed: 3; Force: 33; Passes: 1. ( Later I tried again with my AutoBlade set to 10; Speed: 3; Force:33; and Passes: 2 and still had deep cuts into my mat. 2. The mat seems to not be lining up right when I load it because it cut above the grid lines. 3. I was having problems with the leather moving around a lot and I seem to of resolved that issue with painters tape. So pretty much my main issue is just how to figure out with this leather the right cut setting. I have used and tried the "standard preset" for faux leather paper that comes with Silhouette Studio but it was not cutting at all thats why I got the deep cut blade. I feel like I could of done without it though because the Auto Blade does a decent job especially with 2 passes. Does anyone just feed their material straight in? How does that work for you?