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  1. jholli3098@att.net


    I know it is a plotter, i only use this plotter during the summer doing gym floor logos and lettering, I am a wood floor guy
  2. jholli3098@att.net


    Slice and dice, Ihad the thing working yesterday, printed out lettering in vinyl master, it is connected by a usb port, and I will try other numbers to call them. I only use this during the summer when I am doing gym floor logos. I have used other devices in the com port 3 that the plotter is using and it recognizes the other components, so yes I have test other things in the com prot that I have tried with the plotter. I have uninstalled driver for vinyl master and plotter and reinstalled, it does have a rs-282c port, a 9pin cable port, besides the parrellal port cable. that it wil the nest tthing to try. never heard of sign blazer, just using software that came with plotter.
  3. jholli3098@att.net


    Yes Flexi is the best on customer service, they were already helping me try to get the plotter to connect to flexi, and they told me to call US Cutter. I will try to remove driverand see what that does. It has been 2 days and US cutter still has not gotten back to me. I see they are on here but have not responded here either. Not very good customer service.
  4. jholli3098@att.net


    It is also ashame that you cannot talk to a person on tech support, apparently they do not want to help with their products anymore!
  5. jholli3098@att.net


    Please give me insruction on how to remove the driver, and the drivers that are on us cutter only goes up to windows 7 for this printer, and it worked for the last 2 years on windows 10 on this computer
  6. jholli3098@att.net


    I have a Sc 1261, 53" cutter, i updated the driver and now it is not recognized by my computer. It was before this, I have windows 10. Also need help with a driver for Flexi12 if you have a ione out yet.