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  1. Thanks for the tip Wildgoose - SCP1 certainly seems to fit the bill. I checked the driver list for SCP1 and it's pretty extensive. The dongle is currently about US$270 from USCutter; even if there's no free trial, a one month subscription is only $24. Seems pretty reasonable. Glad I finally posted something, that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to find. Much appreciated! Edit: That driverlist includes several RedSail models, BTW.
  2. Thanks for the welcome, and sorry for for the way I jumbled things up. I did mention this question has been making me crazy. What I said was confusing - I would prefer to cut directly from Illustrator on the Mac, but unless I get a higher-end cutter that doesn't seem likely to happen. And yes, there's the option of running Windows in a virtual machine and switching programs -- which is only a difference in degree from switching between Mac apps to cut. I had been looking at the SC2, but US Cutters' own buying guide says the SC series is "PC Only" and "Not compatible with the MAC OS." I could find references to the original SC working with the Mac, but not the SC2 - maybe I just missed it... (Edit: For example, missed this one right in the forum listing.) And I saw support for the SC listed in the description for SCALP, but given US Cutter's description you would want to see the SC2 listed explicitly there or somewhere. Especially since it also lists the MH series, where the MK2 units will work on the PC but not the Mac... So the point of this, aside from venting the built-up frustration of the search, was just to see if anybody had actually seen Easy Cut Studio on OSX driving a RedSail cutter. Vendor claims are nice, but it's better to hear that it's actually working for somebody in the real world.
  3. Recently I stumbled into a project where I could use a cutter, and I've been going in circles trying to find something I could drive from Illustrator CS5.1 on my Mac Pro. Over the past two weeks I've spent many hours searching forums like this, and then looking for cheap, used Roland or Graphtec units... Even if I could find my old Roland SX-12, I'd like to get something larger. However, today I noticed this page where the folks behind Easy Cut Studio claim they've got a solution to use RedSail cutters directly from OSX. I don't know too much about ECS, but the RedSail cutters are rebadged and reasonably cheaply by SignWarehouse. Anybody seen any proof behind this claim about ECS and RedSail cutters?