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    Scratching chrome vinyl

    Adobe and Cutting Master 4. We've reinstalled the driver, have done multiple updates.. definitely calling them tomorrow. Husband has called several times last week and can't get a hold of anyone
  2. lobodakj

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    It's only about a week old. We had someone come out and look at it from the shop we bought it from and he said everything looked fine..of course it was slicing and dicing when he was here
  3. lobodakj

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    Its inconsistent..sometimes its low and sometimes it's normal. We have done the factory reset multiple times
  4. lobodakj

    Scratching chrome vinyl

    You can barely see the blade poking out...I read your response to someone else about it being less than 1/2 a credit card lengths out..it is less than that. You almost can't even see the blade poking out. The vinyl seems to be lying flat..maybe not as flat as it could though. It seems like it bubbles up in the middle after pulling it right to lock it down?
  5. Hi there..our machine is cutting beautifully but scratching up the vinyl. Desperate for help!