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  1. This is another example. This is old school and looking for newer stuff.
  2. I just do not know where to actually buy them as in the vehicles.
  3. So I am looking for these to be VINYL CUT. I know you can buy them so please follow details as posted. Sorry I said die cut, looking for the exact thing pictured to be vinyl cut MZ SKEETER. Hope that more specific for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. vinyl print/cutter, cutter ect. just simply asking for info on what I posted I am looking for. Please follow what I posted. That simple bud as picture clearly shows what I am asking for help and advice on
  5. well you get my idea, just simply looking for what I posted. No need for a run around when I specifically asked 1 question
  6. Here is an examples of what I am looking for. I am looking for these and the others to be die cut for window stickers or decals.
  7. I am in search of window decals for Dirt Track Racing. Cars I'm looking for are dirt modifieds, sprint cars, street stocks, latemodels, karts, factory stocks. Like to add these to my design shop. I do design racing graphics and hero cards but not excellent at pen tool. Is anyone able to help me on advice and where to buy or get these for my use please. Thanks in advance, I appreciate you!