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    sc2 cutting like a saw blade

    I bought the printer from us cutter new. I had the software for a PC than I got a Mac. Easy cut was the first program I found for the Mac. and its crap. I will try Inkscape Thank you so much.
  2. Time Bomb Bicycles

    sc2 cutting like a saw blade

    I did set the blade as you had described. There is no wireframe option in this program, the original file was the from the Wiki page and saved as a svg.png I didn't have to trace it The only other view is the nodes. it has done this with other files also. And thank you for your response.
  3. Hi I am a straight up rookie I am using a us cutter sc2 on a MacBook with easy cut studios. I am trying to cut the cobra logo and the cut is coming out like a saw blade. The machine is set at s100 p90. any help before I take the printer out back and send it to a farm, would be very appreciated. the file I got the image from is a SVG. thanks again