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  1. MZ Skeeter... no worries... case closed. I got my logo and shirts are being print. FYI this is the design .. Me with a shark
  2. whoooooo..... stop right there please..... My name is Madmax and I am not the starter of this topic. I am NOT a designer, but just a simple soul that needed help on converting a file and joined this topic for help. I just joined this topic with a similar problem as TS. I told you that I bought a boat .. with a sign ... (that I paid for) and need help. No more no less. With all due respect ... as a newbie .. I got the feeling ... 'read the F' rules and get lost. WTF is wrong with you treating people that know nothing about forums and this stuff like this?? I am 53, I don't wanna do illegal stuff, don't understand to much about this stuff, and need help .. no more no less. People like you make me feel like an outlaw. @Dakotagrafx Thanks for the kind words. Sorry that I did not introduced my self. I am 53 and I am not into forums that much. I rather be on the ocean and fish. I just wanted my logo transferred to EPS or a file that my local printer company could use to print my shirts. I regret asking it here. I feel stupid.
  3. No worries. I bought a boat, paid for an exclusive design, so its mine. I even have got the original file from the dealer. So I don't understand the problem. Anyhow, forget it. On an other forum there were very helpful and friendly people who converted the file for me. Problem solved. Logo changed to size and the shirts are ordered
  4. But since I did not make it my self, I assume its not allowed in any case.
  5. Sorry did not know that. Apologies. I was not aware cause its not a logo of a company, Its a sticker for on my boat. Its my nick name with a shark
  6. Did not know that. Its the logo of my boat. I can delete it and wait if some1 wants to help me with it? Thanks J
  7. I see more people have same problem. My boat dealer send me the logo in FS format but I need EPS or PSD so I can work on it. Can anybody help me to convert this file? Would be awesome. Thanks in advance