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    Graphtec FC7000-130 settings

    USB is fine. It cuts using Cutting Master 2. The data gets to the plotter using Wasatch but then it stops after advancing the blade to cut. It's getting the message but doesn't know what to do with it. There is a setting in the plotter that is off for receiving that data from a RIP. Not sure where to check.
  2. signladycda

    Graphtec FC7000-130 settings

    Thanks, I'll try that. The data is getting to the plotter. There must be something that happened within the plotter during reset as it cuts fine with GP-GL. I think I'll start fresh tomorrow.
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum and hoping someone with a graphtec 7000 series might be able to lend some help. My print/cut system I'm using is a Graphtech 7000-130 through Wasatch 7 along with a Mutoh VJ 1204 printer. Everything working great until my Y motor needed replaced. I had done a factory reset prior to ordering the y motor part just incase that might help but it ended up being my y motor. Luckily I found one on Ebay. After replacing the part, the plotter works again without giving the Y position alarm, it initializes perfectly and reads the media but once the data gets to the plotter and it advances the media to cut it suddenly just stops like it doesn't know what to do with the data. It's doing this when I try to cut through the rip program ( I have it set to HP-GL) I know the plotter is working ok because I can switch to GP-GL and cut through Cutting Master 2 from Corel X6 just fine so I'm thinking there is a settup I lost when I reset. Contacting Wasatch is not going to help because they will want me to pay $600.00 for support and that's not going to happen. I've reinstalled drivers, rebooted both the computer and plotter. I'm sure it's something simple but I'm frustrated and overlooking something. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!