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    Suggested cutter for education setting?

    What is the word on the Titans? I can't find a ton of info comparing them to the other models, but they sound like a good deal.
  2. Hi everyone! I am a high school physics teacher that is transitioning into 'MakerSpace' czar at my school. Our next purchase is a vinyl cutter for kids to use. I have 0 experience in Vinyl, but looking forward to messing with it this summer. For ease of us for me to learn, and then teach students (Grades 6-12, small school), what do you suggest? I am relatively comfortable in graphics programs (Inkscape, Adobe) and other technologies of 'making' nature such as 3D Printing and CNC Carving. My budget for the printer itself is roughly $1,000. We have a separate budget for consumables such as the vinyl, transfer tape, etc. Happy to answer any other questions to help get some guidance here!