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  1. coolrosie

    Tin Mugs Sub prints

    Thanks do you know of any place to order the designs I want done special order. I ordered 48 Tin Mugs from US Cutters and want them with my Town Shop name on them. I have purchased several years ago. Nice tin mugs with a Tree design. Well of course the company doesn't sell them any longer. My Loss.
  2. coolrosie

    Tin Mugs Sub prints

    Thanks a newbie here. What is Cactus wrap?
  3. coolrosie

    Tin Mugs Sub prints

    Hi I just ordered from US Cutter.
  4. coolrosie

    Tin Mugs Sub prints

    Hello I purchased tin mugs and wondered if there is a place to order prints to press on them. I will need a design to purchase where can I check this out. Also I will need to purchase a press for the pressing. I have a very old one that I need to replace. If not here where can I check. Thanks in advance, Rosie