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    Turning off the vinyl cutter between cuts

    Hi, I’m using VinylMaster Letter. I was using VinylMaster Cut which is the basic software that came with the cutter when the issue first started. I had been meaning to upgrade to Letter anyway so I did, hoping it would solve the issue, but no such luck. I have tried changing all sorts of options but so far nothing has helped. I appreciate the info
  2. I have had a Laserpoint 2 for about 3 years. Before that I had Roland for 17 years. So I'm not new to cutters. Recently, I have had to turn off the cutter in between cuts and back on, seemingly to clear the memory. I run a lot of vinyl, and that has never happened before. In case it was a software issue, I downloaded a new copy and the issue is the same. It's not really that big of deal, but I am afraid that turning it off and on so much will damage the cutter. Any thoughts?