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  1. kitecutter

    Image conversion Services

    thank you for this answer as well! I am using Windows and a USCutter Sc2 Sometimes when I import an AI or PDF all is well, Sometimes I end up with a white background (see images) thank you in advance.
  2. kitecutter

    Updating SCAL3PRO

    that's a bummer- i just got the whole set up a few weeks ago and it was out of date I guess/. Thank you for taking the time to respond
  3. kitecutter

    Image conversion Services

    Hello, Does anyone know if a service on line were I can send images/ drawings / files to be turning into files that will work with the SCAL3? I am having a heck of a time getting files to show up correctly in SCAL . Thank you in advance. Philip
  4. kitecutter

    Updating SCAL3PRO

    Hello All, I recently purchased a UScutter and and having a great time with it. When I open the SCAL3Pro software it tell me there is a new version available. I only see SCAL4Pro I download and try to activate but it doesn't like my serial number. Am I supposed to be able to update to this version? Thank you in advance.. Philip