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  1. did not work. but gave me an idea. i added nodes in inkscape before i exported it to vinylmaster. that did the trick. vinylmaster is very sensitive to little nodes obviously
  2. Yes. I have tried all svg file types that are in incscape. all exacly the same..
  3. Hi. having big problems with import of svg files in vinylmaster. i generally use incskape to edit pitchures but now i cant do so anymore becouse when i got vinylmaster all svg files are destroyed when importing to vinylmaster cut ltr. why does this happend? se result pitchures below. logos is for my own bike when the orginal logos where destroyd. when washing it. so no trademark or copyright problem here. Any ideas?
  4. Firstly this is not a plane that is a scale of a full size plane is a stick alike. just ment for towing big rc sailplanes to about 40 kg in weight. its more workhorse than anything else. therefore this brand would fit perfectly. it is a shame that free advertisement is so wrong. there are lots of brands that has free use of logos around the world without any problem. but anyway. if you dont now. Looks like the best solution here is to ask those industries out there that has these brand logos if its okay to use on an rc plane for example.. i will definitly reconsider all my actions regarding logos. Thanks for all answers very helpfule
  5. Okay. i assume thats no problem then. as this is for a frend locally. i have tried what you are saying but even if i activate white color with or without backround it wont vectorice it. so if I remove the red cross on white and use 3 colors totally it only vectorize 2 colors. becouse its white color for some reson. it may be a fault in the software that it cant trace white colors. i dont now. thanks for answer. i fly alot of rc planes myself been doing so for 18 years now
  6. Hi. and thanks for all answers. i will try to edit them before i vectorize them. About trademark logos. i have the same issue. one person i now want this logo on his rc model airplane that is ment to tow sailplanes up in the air. this is done locally in model fly sites in norway that are small public events if there is some att all. so is this a problem then? understand that if it is on a racecar it is ment for all to see them but in this is a bit diffrense maby?
  7. Hi. i have a problem with vinylmaster where the vectorize function only vectorize all other colors than white. i have activated bacround color or white color in the name but when it is vectorized the white color are gone and the name is transparent where the white should be. if i cant vectorize white colors how do i add white colors where there is no color`? Thanks Rune from norway